Highlights :
  • All Inclusive Price
  • All Meals
  • Complimentary House Wines, Spirits and Beers
  • Services of Tour Director
  • Opportunity to Meet Indian Royalty
  • Choice of Optional Excrusions and Luxurious Spas at Hotels
  • Paramedic on Board Throughout
  • 24 Hour Valet Service
  • No Hassle of Daily Packing and Unpacking.
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Maharajas' Express was introduced to recreate the splendor and opulence of traveling as practiced by erstwhile maharajas of India. Besides the quaint yet opulent interiors, state of the art amenities and impeccable service, the journeys of this Indian luxury trains are tastefully crafted to offer a window to the quintessence of incredible India. 
Delhi: City of Djinns
Delhi is a city where the traditional and the contemporary blend seamlessly. Also the capital of India, Delhi has forever been a favorite among international travelers owing to its rich repertoire of architectural and cultural marvels. The landmarks of Delhi, both ancient and modern, pay homage to the rich heritage of India and these are what the guests here fondly feast on.
  Lucknow: City of Nawabs
Popularly known as the 'City of Nawabs', Lucknow is also the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is well known for its own distinct cuisine patronized by the erstwhile Maharaja. Polite comportment, Nawabi biryanis and kebabs, classical music and poetry characterize Lucknow. The city abounds with the heritage structures built during Raj era and the time when it used to be the capital of Awadh.
  Mumbai: City of Dreams
Located in the west coast of India, Mumbai is the financial hub of the country and the 2nd most populous city in the world. Mumbai has rich history and culture. This city was first made a colony by the Portuguese and later by the British. Mumbai was also a strong base for the Indian freedom struggle. Mumbai is a vibrant metropolitan city with active nightlife and is the financial centre of India. 
  Khajuraho: A Narrative of Erotic Temples
Khajuraho is famous for its group of monuments, rather temples, which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Khajuraho is home to a large collection of medieval temples; both Hindu and Jain, dating back to the Chandela rule and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. 
  Varanasi: The City of Temples
  Varanasi, also known as Kashi and Benares, is situated at the bank of the river Ganges that is considered as one of the holiest cities and pilgrimage destinations of India. Varanasi abounds with Ghats and temples and is also known for the Benares Gharana form of Indian classical music. Several renowned poets and philosophers of India such as Kabir, Premchand etc...
  Jodhpur: The Blue City
  Set in the barren atmosphere of Thar Desert, Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination sprinkled with forts, palaces, temples, and ruins of the former princely splendor. This second largest city of Rajasthan is located near the heart of Rajasthan and is a major route for trade and travelling.
  Jaipur: The Pink City
  Jaipur, also known as the 'Pink City', is famous for its majestic architectural wonders, bustling city life, exquisite handicraft items, intricately embroidered apparel, and rich culture and history. The entire city reverberates with the grandeur and richness of the heritage of Rajputana Maharajas' of the bygone era. 
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